Hikari Kasai is one of the two main protagonists in the light novel Fire and Ice written by Jasmine Duerk and Jasmine Lai. Hikari is the Empress of the Fire Empire and a Fire Elemental, though throughout the story she begins to gain powers over lightning as well.

Hikari Kasai
Hikari Kasai
Status Single
Age 16
Birth Date June 4
Height 5'10"
Eye Color Dark Red
Hair Color Black
Occupation Fire Empress
Relatives Father (Dead) - Emperor Akihito Kasai

Mother (Dead) - Empress Kahoko Kasai

Cousin (Dead) - Ishida Kasai

Abilities Fire Elemental

Some Lightning Abilities


Hikari Kasai was born in the Fire Empire's capital city, Akaiya. As the only child of the previous Emperor and Empress, she was the heir to the throne since birth. At age 9, she met Sora Arisake, another Fire Elemental. Unlike herself, Sora was able to bend lightning to his will. Hikari and Sora both went to a school for Fire Elementals, where she learned most of her abilities, including the power to create portals out of fire.