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This template is used to create an infobox for characters. Unneeded fields can be omitted.
Type {{Chara box|<...>}} at the top of an article page with parameters as shown below.
Sample output
{{Chara box
| name       = Alita
| image      = File:BAA02 94 Alita.jpg
| imagewidth = 150
| caption    = Alita in Battle 12
| jname      = ガリィ
| rname      = Garī
| ename      = Alita
| alias      = A-1, Yoko von der Rasierklinge
| nicks      = "Octopus lips"
| age        = 200+
| origin     = [[Mars]]
| affil      = [[Space Angels]] <br> Former: [[TUNED]], [[Esdoc Motors]]
| occup      = [[Tenth Zenith of Things Tournament|ZOTT competitor]] <br> Former: TUNED agent, fight instructor, bar singer, [[motorball]] player, [[hunter-warrior]]
| cyber      = Full cyborg
| relatives  = [[Daisuke Ido]], adoptive father
| fight      = [[Panzer Kunst]]
| weap       = [[Damascus Blade]], standard [[TUNED]] equipment, knife, among others
| debut      = [[Battle 1]]
| jva        = Miki Itou ([[Battle Angel (OVA)|OVA]])
| eva        = Amanda Winn Lee (OVA)

Results in...

Alita in Battle 12
Nickname "Octopus lips"
Age 200+
Occupation ZOTT competitor
Former: TUNED agent, fight instructor, bar singer, motorball player, hunter-warrior
Relatives Daisuke Ido, adoptive father



Parameter Usage
jnameJapanese name
rnameRomanized name
enameEnglish name per Viz Media translation
ageAge if known.
occupOccupations, current and former
cyberThe degree of cyberization the character has undergone:
  • Full cyborg = The only human component of a character is or appears to be their brain.
  • Partial = Some cybernetic body parts/organs/components.
  • Fully human = No cybernetic enhancements. The MIB brain bio-chip does not count as a cybernetic enhancement.
relativesRelatives. This includes blood relatives (ancestors or descendants), spouses, in-laws, and foster relatives.
fightFighting style
weapsWeapons. If the character does not use any weapons, leave this field blank.
debutFirst appearance: chapter name hyperlinked. Redlinks are OK because chapter pages can always be created later if they don't exist yet. For Battle Angel Alita, use the convention of Battles that was adopted in the second Viz Media printing for consistency. Chapters in Last Order are all Phases. If the character is mentioned but doesn't make an active appearance, you can say "Mentioned in X". You can also distinguish if a character later makes an active appearance or was later named, but was first mentioned or appeared indirectly, e.g. Desty Nova.
jvaJapanese voice actor
evaEnglish voice actor